All About Chair

An office chair is an office chair. It doesn’t matter where you get one, just as long as it is comfortable and not too expensive. That’s what matters, right? WRONG. In the ever changing and expanding job market, more and more people are sitting for longer periods of time day after day. This results in adverse side effects such as back pain, swelling of the feet and legs, and loss of circulation…just to name a few.  Researchers have been studying what causes these ailments for years and what they are finding is that a big part of the solution can be found by using the right chair.   


Comfort is important in a chair, but don’t stop there. More importantly, the chair you use must contain support in four key areas: Backrest, Seat, Armrest, and Overall Adjustability. Numerous studies tell us that the backrest must properly support the lumbar spine in the proper position; the seat needs to be properly padded and depth adjustable; the armrest should not be stiff and must be height and width adjustable; lastly, the chair needs to offer customized adjustment for critical functions such as seat height, backrest/seat tilt, and backrest angle. 


So, what chair, out of the many that are out there, do I recommend for optimum comfort and posture? The ADI (Art Design International) Next High Backrest chair is exactly what today’s office worker needs. The Next High Backrest chair is built around a patented steel frame suspension system which frees the body from any contact with the rigid seating surface. Extra soft foam on the seat and backrest guarantees a comfortable and productive day at work.  The Next is fully adjustable with all of the key features that ensure proper posture and help avoid the negative side effects of sitting all day.  


With over 140 fabric options, it allows for plenty of personal flair. Be careful though, once you sit in this chair, you will never be able to sit in anything else.  


-Andrae Bergeron