Did you know that there is a right way to sit on a chair, with both your body and the chair playing a role in establishing healthy posture? If you spend many hours in the same chair every day, it’s critically important to pick a chair that will support good posture and reduce the risk of long term injury.

A well designed ergonomic chair incorporates important built in features while also allowing you to make crucial adjustments to accommodate your unique physical characteristics.

We are keenly aware of what is important in an ergonomic chair. So let’s discuss the critical chair features that support healthy posture:

Lumbar Support – The first thing every chair must do is support the muscles, joints, and structures of the lumbar spine (lower back). The key here is to prevent the “flattening” of the lumbar spine that often occurs when seated. Our ergonomic chairs provide support for the lower back and can come in fixed or adjustable levels of support including Dual-Axis Adjustable Support and Air Lumbar Support.

Armrests – Armrests support the weight of your arms, reducing muscle work for your shoulders and upper arms. Your arms can represent approximately 10 percent of your total body weight, which can result in considerable stress in the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck. To be effective and accommodate all of the working positions you may find yourself in, armrests must be height adjustable, width adjustable, and offer some padding for your forearms.

Seat Depth Adjusting – The depth of your seat is an important consideration for proper posture. By adjusting the seat platform or “seat pan”, you can ensure that your back is firmly against the chair back and your thighs are fully supported near the front of the seat platform. If you are tall and have long thighs, you may need to adjust the seat platform out to properly support your legs. All of our chairs incorporate a “sliding seat pan” feature to ensure you get a custom fit.

Multi-Function Chair Controls The design of the control mechanism on a chair should be easily accessible and adjustable while seated. Critical controls every office chair should have include:

  • Height Adjustibility: Allows you to raise and lower your seat platform to keep your feet flat on the floor and legs in a neutral posture.
  • Backrest Angle Adjustability: Reclining the backrest when not typing or writing allows you to get your spine some movement and maintain flexibility throughout the day.
  • Chair Recline Tilt: This feature allows the whole chair to tilt relative to the floor. This helps you maintain proper posture while also relieving some stress on your spine during meetings or when not typing.
  • Forward Tilt: To prevent “perching” or sitting at the edge of the chair, a chair pan should have a bit of a forward tilt built in or adjustable.

All of our ergonomic chairs incorporate these key features and help you to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and productive day at work.

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