The RollerMouse Red is unique amongst all other computer mice on the market. Its functionality is designed specifically for your body.  The solid, sleek and durable aluminum base houses a new advanced rollerbar and eight centralized button functions right at your fingertips.  And to ensure less strain on the wrists, the RollerMouse Red comes with keyboard risers to keep everything operating on the same level.  This versatile mouse is a great option for not only general office applications but especially for those prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, or Tendonitis.


Once you purchase your RollerMouse Red, you will notice it’s incredibly easy set up: simply plug it into the computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go. There is also an optional Windows download to allow personalization of the mouse’s functionality.


What I like best about the RollerMouse Red is the placement of its components. The roller bar itself is set at the top of the mouse pad—the copy and paste, double-click and right/left click buttons are right in front of you to eliminate any reaching. As a left-hander, I like that there is no need for any special configuration in order for it to be used with either hand. To use the roller bar, you simply slide it from side to side for horizontal navigation, and roll it backwards or forwards for vertical navigation—much the same as you do with the finger when using a standard mouse. The roller bar is enabled to click, and double click as well, keeping the hand movement at a minimum.


This mouse has an incredibly quick and accurate response. Once you get used its placement being at the bottom of the keyboard, rather than off to the side, it is almost as if you are using your hands on the screen, guiding the curser to exactly where you want it.


With its high-level ergonomic design and high-tech capabilities, this mouse is at the top of its class. Use it once, and you will be hooked.  The RollerMouse Red just makes sense.