How is it that we have grown accustomed to using a computer mouse that is so uncomfortable and unnatural to our hand? I’m talking about the typical mouse that lies flat, causing the hand to turn horizontal for use. Were we all so excited to have a personal computer—those large, loud, bulky machines of the late 80s and early 90s—that we didn’t notice how strange an idea it was to create a mouse that puts unwarranted amounts of pressure and stress on the fingers, hand, and wrist? Regardless of why this mistake was made in the first place, it is now a new era in computer ergonomics and something more versatile, more comfortable, and more natural has been created: The Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse. 


In an interview, founder and CEO of Posturite Limited, Ian Fletcher Price, explains his reason for creating posture-enhancing solutions like the Penguin Vertical Mouse. He states that he “started the company twenty years ago to improve people’s health and well-being at work.” If you have ever used a Penguin mouse, you can attest that he has accomplished this ergonomic venture. This innovative, vertical mouse uses arm muscles to operate rather than restricting use to mostly the hand and fingers, like a regular horizontal mouse does.  The Penguin’s vertical shape allows for the hand, wrist, and forearm to be at its most rested, natural position—reducing on static muscle tension (caused by turning the wrist horizontal). This simple change of turning the wrist vertically allows for the arm to distribute the tension to the big muscles of the arm, allowing for longer, more productive periods of use.  But most importantly, it helps avoid conditions like Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  


I can’t say enough about this mouse. It really is a drastic difference for the better. Once you do buy a new Penguin, be sure to choose the size that fits your hand best (it comes in three different sizes), and when using the mouse, transition use between your left and right hand as to not put all the work on one side. Stop hurting yourself with that old, horizontal design. Get a new Penguin Vertical Mouse today and feel the difference.