We don’t usually think of an office job as a possible health hazard, but the detriments to posture due to sitting for long periods of time are very serious. As of late, sitting too much has been on high alert in the health community, and rightly so. 


Sitting incorrectly for long periods of time can cause muscle degeneration, chronic back and neck pain, poor circulation, and even organ damage. But the good news is that these potential health hazards can be greatly diminished, and even eliminated, by getting rid of those old office chairs and incorporating highly innovative, ergonomic seating into your daily routine.


What’s the first step in fixing your posture? Well it all begins with the chair. The Voila High Back Chair by Art Design International is my top choice for ridding oneself of pain and poor posture due to the stationary work environment. This elegant office chair allows for maximum comfort and premium body alignment—you can even choose from a variety of arm pads, lumbar support options, and seat sizes to fit your body type.  Most importantly, The Voila High Back Chair offers a full-range of ergonomic features including: the patented ADI Suspension System that frees the body from contact with the rigid seat surface, a multi-function adjustment mechanism to customize the chair to your body for a perfect ergonomic fit, and a sturdy yet flexible steel frame that provides long-lasting comfort.  There are hundreds of seat fabric colors to fit your personal style and decor. ADI also offers one of the best warrantees in the industry.


So, is it worth it to replace your office chair with one that was designed with your body in mind? Absolutely. With the knowledge we have today of how the body works and reacts to various environments, it is difficult to ignore the risk you take in sitting for long periods of time in anything that is not ergonomically designed for your body. Try the ADI Voila High Back Chair today—your body will thank you.