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Bakker FlexDesk 640 - Document Holders

Bakker FlexDesk 640

Product Code: BNEFDESK640 Category: Document Holders

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To prevent neck rotation, documents should be placed between the keyboard and display screen. A sloping work surface reduces flexion of the neck and thus increases work comfort. The FlexDesk 640 document holder lets the user easily rotate between writing and computer work easily and efficiently. 

An 'in-line' document holder, such as the FlexDesk 640, provides a functional work surface and short viewing distances between the document, screen and keyboard. The result is increased productivity and reduced neck and shoulder strain.



3 angle settings

Smooth and slideable work surface, easy gliding rails, and rigid design using thick acrylic

Built-in pencil storage and storage space for keyboard


  • Angle setting range: 4.33" - 7.09"

  • Width: 20.28"

  • Height: 4.33"

  • Depth: 14.96"

  • Weight: 77.6 ounces

  • Clear/Transparent Material




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