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Back App Smart Chair - Ergonomic Chairs - Ergonomic Chairs

Back App Smart Chair

Product Code: BA1010 Category: Ergonomic Chairs

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Designed in association with the top scientists in the field of ergonomics comes the Back App Chair. The Back App allows you to exercise the stabilizing muscles of your spine while you are sitting - helping to reduce muscle pain and fatigue while burning more calories. Swedish design and styling make this ergonomic chair a beautiful addition to your office aesthetics. See video illustration below.

The movement when sitting on the Back App comes about because you constantly have to balance yourself on the adjustable ball. This dynamic movement is highly recommended by ergonomists and healthcare professionals to relieve and prevent back pain and stiffness.

The effects on the body are well documented in scientific studies, including one recently published in the Journal of Ergonomics. This study showed that Back App users report a significant decrease in back pain and discomfort compared to sitting in a standard office chair.

Add the optional wheel base for ease of movement and when sharing the Back App Chair between employees.

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  • Exercise your core muscles and those that support the spine while sitting

  • Control the tilt angle/difficulty using the magic ball

  • Increase caloric burn while working at your computer

  • Ships free

  • The seat is available with the following fabrics:

    Alcantara - Composite Cloth Material in four standard colors (Black, Red, Dark Blue)


  • Silver grey base frame is made from strong 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminum

  • The ball in the base can be screwed into and out of the aluminum tube to control tilt of the chair

  • A tilt indicator with green and red color is integrated in the aluminum tube.

  • 250 pound weight limit

  • 5 year warranty


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