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Laptop Workstation Set-up

Laptop Workstation Set-up by Posture Depot

Ergonomic Laptop Setup

How to reduce the risk of long term injury using your laptop

If you are using your laptop often or for extended periods, you should set up a base station that is ergonomically correctly at your desk with a mouse, keyboard and laptop stand.

Without using the laptop as part of a mobile workstation, long-term neck and shoulder injuries are common. Just think of the strain on your body when you crouch over a laptop screen for long periods.  If you need help finding products that work with your particular set up see our page on Laptop Solutions.

View the tips on this page to see how to use your laptop correctly at your desk.

Balanced head, not leaning forward

head position

Screen approximately arms length from you

arms distance from screen

Arms relaxed by your side

arm position

Top of screen about eye level

eyes level with screen top

Forearms parallel to desk

lower arm position

Space behind knee

leg position

Sit back in chair ensuring good back support

back position

Feet flat on floor or on a footrest

feet flat

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