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Deluxe Water Pillow - Posture Supports, Pillows & Cushions

Deluxe Water Pillow

Product Code: FIB-294 Category: Posture Supports, Pillows & Cushions

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The Core Deluxe Water Pillow cradles the head in water, while firmly supporting the neck. This unique water pillow will fit any patient and works for a variety of neck care needs, from someone recovering from a recent injury to a healthy person who wants to stay that way.

Unlike other water pillows, the Core Deluxe Water Pillow is the first to have a water chamber with a displacement panel. The displacement panel quiets the sound of the water. It also provides proper neck support while sleeping on your side or your back.

Our water chamber is removable for mess-free filling, and the handy support guide, located along the edge of the water chamber, makes it easy to choose the correct water level for the firmness desired.

Similar to filling an inner tube, the center never fills. Instead, the more water you add, the firmer the neck support becomes. Water pillows without displacement panels just dome and cause pronation. The built-in neck lobe provides additional support. Use this pillow with or without the water chamber to help reduce headaches and snoring.


  • Cotton, sateen cover
  • 100% polyester fiber fill
  • Removable water chamber
  • Built-in lobe for extra neck support
  • Hand-washable and dryer safe


Dimensions 25”x 15” Fits in a Standard Pillowcase
Weight 2.5 pounds (Box of 3 - 9 pounds)
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