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Double Core Select Pillow - Sleep Pillows - Posture Supports, Pillows & Cushions

Double Core Select Pillow

Product Code: FOM-172 Category: Sleep Pillows

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Versatility With new, easily interchangeable, color-coded cores and two different sized lobes, the Double Core Select is the most versatile foam pillow on the market, offering a range of support from mild to extra firm. Start with the white core, the softest and most accommodating of the cores. As your neck health gets better, you will naturally crave more support from your pillow. Gradually work your way up to the gold core, the firmest and most supportive. You get to choose the level of support you need without changing pillows.

Natural Pain Relief Cervical pillows, like the Double Core Select, help relieve headaches, joint strains, neck injuries and arthritis by supporting your neck in its natural position. If you are new to using a cervical support pillow, it may feel different at first.








  • 172 22”x16” (56cm x 41cm)
    4” (10cm) and 4½” (11cm) lobes


  • 1.75lbs.


  • Polyurethane Foam


Color-Coded Support Levels

  • White Core: Gentle Support
  • Blue Core: Medium Support
  • Black Core: Firm Support
  • Gold Core: Extra-Firm Support

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