About Posture Depot

Posture Depot offers unique ergonomic workspace solutions that help people avoid pain and injury while they work. We partner with employers to reduce injuries, absenteeism, and insurance claims while increasing employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. We also work with individuals to design the best workspace possible, where ever they work.


Posture Depot is laser focused on providing you with the best ergonomic and posture enhancement solutions on the market. Our staff has over 75 years of ergonomic and rehabilitation experience and will assist you in finding products that will make a positive impact on your life. Everything we do revolves around the ergonomic principle of properly fitting the person to their work environment.  


Unlike typical office furniture suppliers, our niche is ergonomics. We provide comprehensive ergonomic workstation assessments by trained and certified ergonomic professionals. We also offer ergonomic consulting, employee training, and customized ergonomic eLearning software.


We work closely with Health & Safety, Human Resources, and Operations/Facilities teams to provide solutions for a safe and productive workplace. Our clients and their employees have access to a team of licensed ergonomists and physical therapists to help them meet their unique challenges.

Why Choose Posture Depot

We have literally searched the globe to find the best posture enhancement products available. Our partners are carefully chosen based on their reputation for ergonomic excellence. Each product we offer is tested to ensure it meets our strict quality and ergonomic standards. Our solutions will help prevent posture related ailments and provide relief to those who already suffer from these disorders.


You will find many product options on this website. Rest assured, if you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you!


We have implemented customized purchasing programs with dozens of leading companies in the Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy, IT and Apparel Industries – both for home worker and in-office environments. We ensure product sets, budgets, order flow, and delivery specifications are met for each client. Let us tailor a discounted program for you!


We also offer nationwide installation service, multiple distribution points for fast delivery, and expert customer service 24/7/365.  Each client who purchases a desk or chair receives complimentary ergonomic resources to ensure they are working in the optimal posture.

The Posture Depot Promise

We guarantee high-quality products and services at affordable prices while providing outstanding customer service.

Our Passion is Posture!

There is a unique science to designing products that can truly improve your health and increase your productivity. We focus our efforts on developing and sourcing products that encourage good posture – which is literally at the core of a healthy body.


When the structures of the body are in alignment the joints, muscles, and ligaments all work as nature intended. Proper posture also helps vital organs operate at maximum efficiency. Research shows that good posture improves central nervous system function and aides breathing.


When you don’t practice good posture, your overall health becomes compromised. Negative effects of poor posture can include:


  • musculoskeletal injury
  • decreased blood flow
  • slowed digestion
  • higher stress levels
  • increased incidence of disease

In addition, a person with poor posture often becomes tired quickly and unable to work effectively, leading to work absenteeism and decreased performance.


We look forward to working with you to design the perfect ergonomic workspace!