Ergonomic Assessment

Reduce injury and absenteeism with a remote or in-person workstation assessment.

Remote Ergonomic Assessments

Our certified ergonomic assessors can deliver workstation assessments with the same quality and depth of advice provided in our face-to-face assessments, with a shorter waiting time, and with no physical contact – perfect for homeworkers.

Receive helpful posture and set-up advice at your convenience. Using a combination of measurements, photographs, and a short conversation via video conference (or the telephone), our experienced ergonomic assessors will be able to deliver a professional report that highlights risk areas and recommends improvements to help you work as safely and comfortably as possible.

This is a convenient and cost-effective solution for any individual who has reported pain or discomfort that may be related to their work or workstation.

Schedule a Remote Ergonomic Assessment here.

In-Person Ergonomic Assessments

We’re continuing to adapt to the latest COVID guidelines to deliver the same high quality of service you’ve always expected from Posture Depot, while minimizing the risk of the virus on you, our client’s staff, and our employees. But that shouldn’t mean staff miss out on vital training.

That’s why we’re making changes to the way we deliver ergonomic assessments, so you can still access the same great benefits of a fully trained and empowered workforce, without putting employees at risk.

While we all do our part, we highly recommend you schedule a Remote Ergonomic Assessment here