Benefits of Ergonomic Mice & Keyboards

Improve workplace comfort and health with an ergonomic vertical mouse and compact keyboard.


Not sure where to start? We recommend the Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse and the Compact Number Slide Keyboard.

Reduce Stress & Discomfort with A Vertical Mouse

They may look unusual, but vertical mice have been proven to be more comfortable and more effective than traditional mice. Vertical mice are designed to place your hand, wrist, and forearm in a neutral, relaxed posture. This increases comfort, reduces stress, and helps avoid injuries such as Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).


Traditional mice force you to pronate your forearm and anchor your wrist to make small micro-movements when mousing – putting pressure on the Median Nerve that flows through the Carpal Tunnel in your wrist. We highly recommend anyone with wrist discomfort to use a vertical mouse like the Penguin!


A Usability Study of the Penguin Vertical Mouse compared traditional mice and another popular vertical mouse found that:


  • 90% of study participants said the Penguin was the most comfortable mouse to use
  • 77% of users chose to keep the Penguin at the end of the study vs the alternatives
  • 82% said the Penguin had superior design and usability
  • 100% said they could use the Penguin the entire day without discomfort

Reduce Stress & Discomfort with A Vertical Mouse

Ergonomic keyboards improve your comfort and positioning while you work. The size, shape and layout of your keyboard all influence how you use your fingers, arms, hands and even your shoulders. A poorly designed keyboard can cause painful disorders and muscular imbalance.

In most cases we recommend a compact keyboard like the Number Slide. Compact keyboards allow your mouse to sit closer to your body. This improves your posture and comfort while avoiding shoulder and arm strain caused by unnatural reaches for the mouse.

The Number Slide’s retractable number pad slides out when you need it and away when you don’t. This reduces the distance needed to reach and use the mouse, allowing you to adopt a more comfortable and healthy posture when using your mouse and keyboard. Ultra slim and compact to fit easily into a briefcase or laptop bag. The Number Slide is perfect for an ergonomically-correct mobile workstation while traveling.

We offer many ergonomic mice and keyboards to customize your preference and fit.

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