What We Did

This large client wanted to improve the health and productivity by implementing electric sit-stand desks for 305 employees. Budget was an important consideration as well as impact on the environment. They also wanted to minimize business interruption and also not burden their IT team with reconnecting computer and monitor cables and cords. Our engineering team developed a wheeled, adjustable-height trolley system for each of our 12-member installation team. These trolleys were rolled under each existing desk and temporarily connected to the existing tops, allowing us to swap fixed-height frames for new sit-stand frames – all while not disturbing the computer/monitors nor personal effects on the existing desktops. To eliminate business disruption, we worked over 2 consecutive weekends. Customized ergonomic reference materials were provided to each employee.

Product Profile

Series 37 Dual Column Desk


The Series 37 Desk is the perfect height-adjustable ergonomic desk for office or home office settings. Sturdy construction and a great price make this the best adjustable height desk value on the market. Electrical height adjustments from 22” – 48” allow users to adjust their workstation to the proper height whether they are sitting or standing, meeting the ANSI/HFES Human Factors Guidelines of accommodating individuals from the 5th to 95th percentile.

Goals Achieved:

ü  Installed sit-stand desk frames to reduce injury risk and improve productivity

ü  Utilized existing desk tops to achieve budget goals and reduce environmental waste

ü  Minimized business interruption by working on the weekends

ü  Eliminated the need to for IT to reconnect cables and cords with innovative trolley device