What We Did

This manufacturing plant wanted to provide their 125 employees with flexible ergonomic monitor and keyboard arms for operators of drill presses, lathes, and welding machines. Their goal was to eliminate paper work instructions (WI), which had to be printed and passed out for each part run on each machine several times per shift. It was also critical that these monitor and keyboard arms have the ability to easily swung out of the way once the machine operators were ready to run the parts. By investing in micro-computers, monitors, and ergonomic workstations, work instructions are now sent electronically for every part run, greatly improving productivity and also placing the operator in a good ergonomic posture.

Product Profile

Ergotron WorkFit-LX Standing Desk Mount System


When you need flexibility and control over how you work.  With the WorkFit-LX standing workstation, you get to choose exactly where you place both your monitor and your keyboard as you sit or stand. The modular and flexible design fits any space while increasing your ergonomic comfort. Easily move the arms to choose the right focal distance between the keyboard and screen. Designed to fit tight spaces, including corner work areas, and offers 20” of smooth vertical lift and 62” of sideways motion.

Goals Achieved:

ü  Installed ergonomic monitor and keyboard arms that positioned operators in a good posture

ü  Eliminated paper Work Instructions improving efficiency and productivity

ü  Utilized ingenuity to attach the arms in tight spaces or on the machines themselves

ü  Eliminated IT burden by connecting micro-computers and all cables and cords