What We Did

This leader in the travel and hospitality industry wanted to improve the health and productivity of their 110 employees by purchasing sit-stand workstations. Budget was a large consideration so we installed retrofit dual monitor workstations on top of their existing desks. All monitors were installed on the workstations and all computer cables and cords were reconnected. Our installation team worked over the weekend to minimize business disruptions. Customized ergonomic reference materials were provided to each employee.

Product Profile

ErgoTron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Workstation


Quickly convert any work surface into a heathy adjustable-height workstation. WorkFit-S makes computing comfortable for prolonged periods – sit or stand up whenever you want in the perfect ergonomic posture. The WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Workstation is extraordinarily simple to use. With the push or pull of a hand, you can instantly raise or lower your keyboard and display screen in one easy motion, yet all the while the system will remain stable throughout your work routine.


Goals Achieved:

ü  Installed sit-stand desk workstations to reduce injury risk and improve productivity

ü  Utilized existing desks to achieve budget goals and reduce environmental waste

ü  Minimized business interruption by working on the weekends

ü  Eliminated IT burden by reconnecting all cables and cords