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Penguin Vertical Mouse: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

By utilizing the larger arm muscles rather than the smaller muscles and tendons of the

hand and wrist, the Penguin Vertical Mouse reduces unneeded strain and stress caused by

standard horizontal mice. With its innovative vertical stance, the Penguin can actually reduce or even

prevent carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). And with 4.8 million Americans suffering from CTS each year,

this innovative design is nothing to ignore.


According to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health,

CTS “is the most expensive upper-extremity musculoskeletal disorder at an estimated cost of medical care

in the US exceeding $2 billion annually” (495). The study then goes on to state that after workers are

diagnosed with CTS it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a productive work atmosphere—

resulting in a high number of those diagnosed forced to leave their jobs or drastically cut down on their

hours worked, thus drastically (or completely eliminating) compensation. It’s hard to believe something

seemingly as simple as the ergonomics of the computer mouse you use can dictate your physical and

financial well-being.


A simple solution to a complex problem, the vertical alignment of the Penguin mouse makes all

the difference.  The Penguin Mouse keeps the hand, wrist and forearm in the natural and neutral position,

reducing pressure on the nerves and tendons – greatly reducing the risk of debilitating conditions like

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Penguin is also ambidextrous so the user can change hands throughout the

day to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury.  


In another study by the Posturite Company, the Penguin mouse was given to a study group (22

users) and asked them to compare it to three other computer mice on the market, including a standard

horizontal mouse.  The study measured things like comfort, usability, efficiency, and productivity.  The

results were all positive - 90% found the Penguin to be the most comfortable, 82% said that it was

superior in design and usability, and 77% chose to keep the Penguin over the other mice.  All users noted

that they could use the Penguin for the entire day without experiencing discomfort. 

It’s high time you stop placing your health at risk. Become more ergonomically aware, and better

Your health and productivity by using the Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse.


*First study: “CTS Prevalence and Incidence in the US Working Population” Dale, Harris, et al

*Second study: “Penguin Mouse Usability Study” Posturite Ltd.

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