Clear Folding Social Distance Barrier – 2 Pack

Clear Folding Social Distance Barrier – 2 Pack


The Clear Folding Social Distance Barrier provides added protection from respiratory droplets between individuals working near one another or workers and passersby.

Made of 4mm acrylic panels connected with a soft, PVC living hinge, this freestanding barrier is easy to set up on a desk or table with no assembly. Sides are foldable to shield users from the side and front.

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  • Protects you from respiratory droplets while working
  • Freestanding so you can set it anywhere on your countertop or table
  • Folds for side protection and easy storage
  • Lightweight for easy relocating
  • Clear acrylic for clarity and durability

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Main/Center Panel: 21.9"W x 23.6"H x 0.16"T
Side Panels: 16.4"W x 23.6"H x 0.16"T