Positiv Single Leg Rest

Positiv Single Leg Rest


Designed to provide relief for anyone suffering with lower limb issues, the Positiv Leg Rest provides an instant solution and greater comfort than any makeshift support can offer.

A stable, safe and purpose-built surface for injured or affected legs. Available as either a single or double, it will manage either one or two legs and is fully height adjustable to suit user’s personal requirements. Please note that this leg rest comes with instructions for self-assembly.

*Lead time is approximately 10-14 business days. Built upon order.ᅠ


  • Available in either single or double model
  • Choice of castors or glides
  • Black fabric

Casters or Glides?

Casters:ᅠWheels that are affixed to the bottom of a seat’s legs to facilitate moving across the floor.

Glides:ᅠMetal or plastic discs affixed to the bottom of a seat’s legs to facilitate moving it across the floor.

For casters to work properly there needs to be a degree of friction between the wheel and the surface it’s being used on. Too much friction makes the chair difficult to move. Too little friction means the chair will move too easily.

Additional information


Assembly Required

Support Dimensions

10"W x 18"D

Height Range

15" – 19"


1 Year