Side Mount Document Holder

Side Mount Document Holder


Sleek, lightweight design works beautifully with flat panel monitors and traditional desktop CRT monitors.

Grooved ledge with height adjustable clip secures sheets in portrait or landscape view.

Swings out of way when not in use. Sheet capacity 35 sheets.


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  • Designed specifically for use with flat panel/LCD monitors
  • Keeps documents on same viewing plane as monitor to allow ergonomically correct viewing
  • Holds up to 35 sheets of letter, legal or A4 size paper
  • Unique sliding clip design and grooved ledge assure almost any document is held securely in place
  • Command Adhesive Strips hold document holder securely yet remove cleanly

Additional information


11.20 oz.


9"W x 10"D x 2.8"H

Sheet Capacity

35 sheets*
*Angle and height position can affect sheet capacity. Test before using.