The Importance of Ergonomic Chairs

One of the leading causes of pain and injury is poor seated posture.

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Good ergonomic seating reduces the risk of stress on your spine and extremity muscles/joints by encouraging proper alignment, movement, and flexibility. In addition, a comfortable chair helps you maximize productivity.

Proper movement and adjustment are the key in choosing a good ergonomic chair. Your body is designed to move, not stay stationary. So much so that your body has a built-in warning system that encourages you to move and change position – pain and discomfort. These are warnings from your body to change your current postural habits to ones that reduce the pain and discomfort. Ignore the warnings and the consequences can be severe and long lasting. The good news is that you can change your habits and re-educate your body by using an adjustable ergonomic chair!

Our ergonomic chairs include the critical components every ergonomic office chair must have to ensure you maintain proper seated posture and movement throughout the day. Our chairs are multi-functioned and include height adjustable lifts, angle adjustable back rests and seats, height adjustable padded arm rests, proper lumbar support, and in most cases seat depth adjustment. In addition, many of our chairs offer customizable features such as memory foam seats, air lumbar support, neck rests, 3D arm rests, and multiple seat/lift sizes to suit every preference and requirement. Numerous style and color options are also available to suit any decor.

Here are examples of proper seated posture – both when sitting up straight and when using your ergonomic chair to achieve movement and flexibility throughout your work day.

Don’t settle for an online or department store chair that fails to incorporate critical ergonomic features in order to advertise a lower price! Invest in one of our high-quality ergonomic chairs that reduces stress and strain by incorporating features that promote proper alignment, movement, flexibility, and comfort.  We take pride in offering high-quality ergonomics at price points that meet every budget.


Every client who purchases an ergonomic chair receives free Ergonomic Reference Materials and 24/7 phone support to maximize their investment in sound ergonomic seating.


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