Why Sit-Stand?

Utilizing an adjustable height desk or retrofit sit-stand workstation 

is a very important part of a healthy working environment.

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We need to stand up for our health! Numerous studies show that working exclusively from a seated position for extended periods of time is detrimental to your health. Proven benefits of a sit-stand desk or workstation include:


  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relief from muscle ache caused by static posture
  • Increased alertness, concentration and productivity
  • Flexibility to adjust your working position to the task at hand
  • Ability to move and change position without interrupting workflow
  • Burn more calories

A recent study by researchers at Texas A&M concluded that employees with sit/stand capable desks were 46% more productive than those with traditional seated desks. Additionally, at 6 months, nearly 75% of those with stand-capable workstations experienced decreased body discomfort compared to the seated control group who experienced no statistically significant decrease in body discomfort.


Numerous studies show that sitting for more than 6 hours a day is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, and premature death. One published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that people who sit for most of the day were 54% more likely to die of a heart attack.


One of the largest studies on the subject found that a sedentary lifestyle can cause:


  • A 112% increase in risk of diabetes
  • A 147% increase in cardiovascular events
  • A 90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events
  • A 49% increase in death from any cause

Posture Depot takes pride in offering sit-stand solutions that meet our strict quality and ergonomic standards, all at a great price.


Every client who purchases a sit-stand solution receives free Ergonomic Reference Materials and 24/7 phone support to maximize their investment.


Stand up for your health with a sit-stand workstation!

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